A Diverse Financial Background Sets William Mulrow Apart

Posted by Admin | August 1st, 2013

William Mulrow has over 30 years of experience in the financial field and has worked in a diverse selection of agencies, investment firms and leading banking institutions. An established fixture on Wall Street, Mulrow is even better known in New York state government circles as an effective administrator and innovator.

Mulrow began his career at the New York State Division of the Budget as the Executive Assistant to the Director. In this role, Mulrow got his first taste of the financial issues and challenges facing leaders in state-level government positions. His education at Yale and Harvard and his work with this state agency led to private-sector employment with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities as Managing Director and head of public finance banking.

Throughout his career, William Mulrow has consistently made time for public service and public agency jobs while furthering his career in the top firms on Wall Street. After working with Rothschild Inc. and Gabelli Asset Management, Mulrow split his time between two positions at Paladin Capital Group and at CitiGroup Global Capital Markets, serving as a Director with both firms. During his time at Rothschild and Gabelli, Mulrow also sat on the board of the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York and helped to create policies for this federal agency.

Today, Mulrow serves as the Chairman of five separate New York state agencies that include the State of New York Municipal Bond Bank Agency, the Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation, the Affordable Housing Corporation, the State of New York Mortgage Agency and the New York State Housing Finance Agency. His extensive background in the financial field allows him to provide expert guidance for these public agencies on behalf of the citizens of New York.

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